Ariel Lopez

director / writer / producer

Ariel is an accomplished location manager with a deep-rooted connection to the film industry. Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, she graduated from the University of New Mexico with a degree in Sociology, laying a strong foundation for her understanding of diverse human experiences. Having entered the film industry as an intern in 2011, Ariel has steadily advanced her career, culminating in her work as a location manager. Throughout her journey, she has worked on notable films and television shows, including "Sicario," "The Curse," and "When You Finish Saving the World," collaborating with esteemed production companies such as A24, Netflix, Sony, and Lionsgate. Working alongside immensely talented filmmakers, she gained invaluable insights into fostering a collaborative environment, unleashing creativity, and problem-solving on the fly, all while nurturing a deep respect for the crew. 

Recognizing the symbiotic relationship between location management and directing, Ariel values her experience in logistics and permitting, providing her with a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of filmmaking. This perspective enables her to navigate the complexities of production seamlessly, contributing to the success of projects and elevating her capabilities as a director.

Fueling her passion for storytelling, Ariel has been a lifelong advocate for narratives that explore the multifaceted lives of women and challenge conventional storytelling conventions. In high school, she showcased her resourcefulness and creativity through group video projects, captivating audiences despite limited resources. Today, the teamsters eagerly await her bad date stories, which might even inspire future short films.

Driven by her unwavering dedication to her craft, Ariel has honed her skills through taking a plethora of classes, including Sundance Co//ab's Directing: Core Elements (instructor: Lise Raven), as well as Visual Storytelling (instructor: Peter Markham), Directing Actors (instructor: Tessa Blake), Screenwriting: Core Elements (instructor: Trey Ellis), all through the Sundance Institute.

With her debut short film, "Solstice," garnering acclaim nationwide in 2021, Ariel continues to make waves in the industry. Her upcoming short film, "All the Love You Ever Get," promises to captivate audiences as it ventures into the festival circuit in early-2024. She is also actively developing "How to Catch a Predator," an original script in the drama/thriller genre that she will also direct. Furthermore, she is dedicated to bringing forth the nonfiction podcast "Badass Women in Film," providing a platform for women from various departments to candidly share their experiences in the industry, blending entertainment and valuable insights. 

With her remarkable journey spanning location management, writing, directing, producing, and her unwavering dedication to empowering underrepresented voices, Ariel has established herself as a dynamic force within the film community. Her exceptional storytelling abilities, collaborative nature, and commitment to innovation continue to shape her career and drive her toward even greater creative heights. 

...all the love you ever get

credited as: writer, director, producer

A marriage is thrown into chaos when Jessica reveals a devastating secret to Will.


credited as: writer, director, producer

High School students Olivia and Jacob are faced with a life-altering decision that no teenager is ready to face. Are they ready to trade one future for another? How does one know which future to choose?

Solstice has screened at San Diego International Shortsfest, Santa Fe Independent Film Festival, and Las Cruces International Film Festival. 

watch solstice here

The Lottery

credited as: director

A grumbling war veteran and new recruit rendezvous with the reality of making a gamble.