Ariel Lopez on the set of Solstice with script supervisor Chelsea Hooper

Ariel Lopez

director / writer / producer

I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico and graduated from the University of New Mexico with a degree in Sociology. I joined the film industry as an intern in 2011 and eventually worked my way up to location manager. I have worked in the location department on films & tv shows such as, Sicario, The Curse, and When You Finish Saving the World with a wide ranging group of production companies including A24, Netflix, Sony, and Lionsgate. I have had the great privilege to work with some incredibly talented filmmakers who didn’t teach me how to direct, but they did show me how to treat the crew, push my own creativity, think outside of the box, collaborate, and problem solve on the fly. I find my location managing experience integral to directing as I understand the logistics of filmmaking in a way that's difficult to learn without living it (not to mention having to permit it).

I have been an avid teller of stories my entire life and in high school I was known for my group video projects, made on a borrowed Sony Handicam and the first version of iMovie. They had no production value whatsoever, but they were entertaining and resourceful. On set now, the teamsters continually await my next “bad date” story, which may very well be turned into a short in the near future. Writing and directing came as a natural next step on my career path. My passion is telling stories about multifaceted women  and stories that aren't told (or telling more common stories in new ways). In 2022 I completed Sundance Co//ab's Directing: Core Elements (instructor: Lise Raven) from the Sundance Institute as well as Visual Storytelling (instructor: Peter Markham) and Directing Actors (instructor: Tessa Blake)

My debut short film, Solstice, screened across the United States in 2021. My next short film, All the Love You Ever Get will be entering the festival circuit mid-2023 and is currently in post production. I am currently developing the original script How to Catch a Predator (a drama/thriller) which I will also direct. I am also developing the nonfiction podcast, Badass Women in Film, where women honestly discuss our experiences in film coming from a variety of departments that is meant to be both entertaining and informative. For more information on upcoming projects, visit

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...all the love you ever get

Still image from short film 'all the love you ever get' with characters will and jessica

credited as: writer, director, producer

A woman shares devastating news with her husband.


credited as: writer, director, producer

High School students Olivia and Jacob are faced with a life-altering decision that no teenager is ready to face. Are they ready to trade one future for another? How does one know which future to choose?

Solstice has screened at San Diego International Shortsfest, Santa Fe Independent Film Festival, and Las Cruces International Film Festival. 

watch solstice here

The Lottery

credited as: director

A grumbling war veteran and new recruit rendezvous with the reality of making a gamble.