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Ariel is a highly experienced and passionate location manager and scout, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. With a career spanning over a decade in the film industry, Ariel has been actively involved since 2011 when she started as an intern on an independent movie filmed in the area.

As a location manager, Ariel possesses a diverse skill set that encompasses preliminary scouting, budgeting, contract negotiation, permit coordination, and overseeing all aspects of production from preparation to completion. With meticulous attention to detail, she ensures that every production has everything it needs to thrive.

Being a native New Mexican, Ariel brings a unique perspective to filming within the state. She has an intimate knowledge of the region's breathtaking locations, including the vast lands owned by Native American Tribes, many of which are open to filming opportunities. This understanding allows her to provide invaluable insights and recommendations to filmmakers seeking to capture the essence of New Mexico's diverse landscapes.

Primarily working on commercials and feature films of varying budgets, Ariel relishes the opportunity to explore every corner of the state. Her work takes her to remarkable locations, allowing her to experience the cultures and environments that New Mexico has to offer.

Beyond her role as a location manager, Ariel is also available to consult on lower-budget and independent projects. She happily shares her expertise, guiding filmmakers through the intricacies of the filming process in New Mexico and helps them understand the requirements and permitting procedures across different jurisdictions. Her proactive approach emphasizes the importance of early planning to ensure a smooth production experience.

In her non-existent free time she enjoys traveling, fostering kittens for local animal rescue groups, photography, and yoga nidra meditation. She is a proud member of the Location Managers Guild International since 2015 when Sicario won best contemporary feature at the Location Manager Guild awards.

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Ariel Lopez holding LMGI award for Sicario in 2015

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